Saturday, July 06, 2013

International Online Launch Party for 'Up In The Air'


In light of the delay in the official launch of Up In The Air in Toronto, I got together with some of my fellow writers and decided to have an online party to celebrate the release. I am excited to announce that Up In The Air is available in bookstores as well as on, and on

Below is a brief blurb about what Up In The Air is about

Ever since she can remember, ten-year-old Melody has always wanted
to fly.
    And when she leaps off a swing in the park one day and lands in
the mystical realm of Chimeroan, her dream finally comes true. She is
given a pair of wings. She can fly! Life cannot be any better.
     Yet, dreams do come with a price. Even with wings, Melody realizes
she cannot outfly the memories of her past. The car accident that has
left her father paralyzed, and her unscarred, still plagues her with guilt—
she believes that it was entirely her fault.
    In Chimeroan, Melody is forced to come to terms with her part in
her father's accident. She must choose between the two things that have 
become the world to her: keeping her wings or healing her father.

 There will be tons of prizes for all who play, so let’s start there. See what eight fellow authors and I are offering:

Amie Borst's first children's middle grade novel, 'Cinderskella', Book 1 of the 'Scarily Ever Laughter' series, will be released by Jolly Fish Press on October 26, 2013. Check her out on her website or on Facebook.

Amie's prize offer: either a query or a 5-page critique of the first chapter (at the winner’s choice)

BRENDA COREY DUNNE grew up in rural New Brunswick, Canada. She originally trained as a physiotherapist and worked several years as a Physiotherapy Officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force before meeting the love of her life and taking her release. Since that time she has ridden the RCAF posting train with her Air Force husband and family, living in such places as Nova Scotia (Canada), Watchfield (England) and Elizabeth City, (NC).

Brenda spent several years volunteering on the Board of Directors at a Military Family Resource Centre in Nova Scotia, culminating in a year term as Chairperson of the Board. She completed her first full length manuscript in 2008 as a bucket-list item and caught the writing bug. Since then she has self-published a work of YA historical fiction (TREASURE IN THE FLAME), and has several other manuscripts in various stages of completion. She is represented by Jennifer Mishler and Frances Black of Literary Counsel

Check Brenda out on her blog and on Facebook.

Brenda’s prize offer: a query critique and a signed paperback of her latest novel, Treasure In The Flame.  

JENNIFER GRIFFITH is the author of BIG IN JAPAN, the story of an accidental sumo wrestler, as well as three other published novels. She's also an award winning poet and essayist. She received first place in the Arizona American Mothers, Inc., 2010 essay contest, and second place in the national American Mothers Essay Contest. She writes a book review column for her local newspaper and is a member of American Night Writers Association. She's working on a fifth novel and a children's book. She also offers professional manuscript editing services for authors and aspiring authors. See her website for more information.

Look Jennifer up on her blog and on Facebook

Jennifer’s prize offer: a five-page critique.

 TERI HARMAN has believed in all things wondrous and haunting since her childhood days of sitting in the highest tree branches reading Roald Dahl and running in the rain imagining stories of danger and romance.
Currently, her bookshelf is overflowing, her laundry unfolded, and her three small children running mad while she pens bewitching novels. She also writes a bi-weekly book column for, Utah's #1 news site and hosts a monthly television segment for Studio 5, Utah's #1 lifestyle show.

Find out more about Teri on her website or on Facebook

Teri’s prize offer: a signed paperback of her latest novel,  Blood Moon

LIESEL K. HILL is the author of the Interchron series, a futuristic dystopian fantasy series. The first installment is entitled Persistence of Vision. Blog: Twitter:

Liesel’s prize offer: a signed paperback of her latest novel, Persistence of Vision

ADRIENNE MONSON, winner of the 2009 Oquirrh's Writer's Contest and the Utah RWA's Great Beginnings, has immersed herself in different kinds of fiction since a young age. She currently lives in American Fork, Utah, with her husband and two kids. Besides reading, she enjoys Zumba, kickboxing, and weightlifting. She also loves yummy foods, so she doesn’t look like a workout guru.

You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and her website

Adrienne’s prize offer: a signed paperback of her latest novel Dissension

ANN MARIE MEYERS grew up in Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies. She has a degree in languages and translates legal and
technical documents from French and Spanish into English. She lives inToronto, Ontario, with her husband and energetic daughter. Meyers is an active member of SCBWI and facilitates a children's writing group twice a month.

You can find out more about me on Facebook and twitter.

My prize offer: a signed paperback of Up In The Air!

LEHUA PARKER is originally from Hawaii and a graduate of The Kamehameha Schools and Brigham Young University. So far she has been a live television director, a school teacher, a courseware manager, an instructional designer, a sports coach, a theater critic, a SCUBA instructor, a poet, a web designer, a mother, and a wife. Her debut novel, One Boy, No Water is the first book in her MG/YA series the Niuhi Shark Saga. She currently lives in Utah with her husband, two children, four cats, two dogs, six horses, and assorted chickens. During the snowy Utah winters she dreams about the beach.

To find out more about Lehua:

Facebook author page:
Twitter: @LehuaParker
Goodreads: Lehua Parker

Lehua’s prize offer: a query critique OR a signed paperback of her latest novel One Boy No Water (at the choice of the winner)

MINDY ALYSE WEISS writes humorous middle grade novels and quirky picture books. She's been published in Highlights magazine and placed in the 80th Writer's Digest Competition. She's also a founding member of From the Mixed-Up Files...of Middle-Grade Authors and the FL SCBWI Newsletter Editor.

You can find out more about Mindy on her blog or twitter.

Mindy’s prize offer:  critique of the first 5 pages of a novel or critique of 1 Picture Book (at the winner’s choice).

            And now, the rules. You can ‘play’ once per day. The more days you play the greater your chance of winning. Plus you’ll help spread the word about my book and those of all these generous and wonderful authors here.

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  1. If I could fly, I'd head straight for a cloud to see what that was like!!

  2. Well, I hate to sound like a spoil-sport, but if I had wings and I could fly, I would probably be scared to do so, since I'm afraid of heights and I tend to get motion sickness (I know, I'm such a mess). But, if the wings meant these afflictions would no longer bother me, I would fly away to England and visit my mother's family (without the need of an airplane ticket!). Then, I would just buzz around and around and look for interesting things to check out!

  3. lol Christine - definitely believe that the fear of flying would be gone - then the world opens up endless possibilities.

    Ann Marie

  4. I remember going to bed at night as a kid, visualizing myself flying. I would imagine myself flying in the clouds, swooping down at the ground and having the most amazingly free feeling, pretending I was a bird. It lead to some great dreams (smile). If I could fly now, I'd recreate that same feeling.

  5. Had to stop in to do another little celebratory dance for you today, Ann Marie!
    My (stupid) local Hastings (which NEVER has anything I'm looking for) did not have Up in the Air in stock yet when I went in to get it on Saturday. They are sadly the only bookstore in town, so I was forced to order it online. Should be here in a couple of days though, and I can't wait to open that box and hold YOUR BOOK in my hands for the first time! :)

  6. Huge congrats on your launch, Ann Marie. Up In The Air is an amazing MG, and I can't wait for everyone to read Melody's story.

  7. My copy came in the mail today! YAY!!!! I've posted a pic of it over on FB. Can't wait to read it again!

  8. I would fly everywhere in absolute wonder at what I could see, how I would feel & what I could do!