Friday, August 23, 2013

The Dream of Flight

“How many of you have ever dreamed of flying?”

Of the hundred or so kids I put this question to while in Trinidad these past 3 weeks, more than half raised their hands. And when I asked how many would like to fly, most of them wanted to, even the adults!!

So what is it about flying that captures the imagination? For me it is a sense of freedom, of doing away with the ‘shackles’ that bind us (problems, worries, despair) and soaring away.

There is something magical about the idea of flying. Of course we do so on airplanes, but it’s not the same. The closest we have come to ‘flight’ is via parasailing, paragliding or parachuting. Yet these are still limiting in their own way.

In my dreams I fly without wings. With a thought, I’m up in the air and am the closest I can imagine being like a bird.  The feeling is one of indescribable joy and freedom.

If you could fly, how do you imagine it would be like?

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