Monday, December 09, 2013

Fan Mail: The Magic of Possibility

Nothing warms the heart of a writer more than getting fan mail and seeing joy and appreciation on the faces of the target audience.

In my case, that’s children.

Today, I would like to share with you the memories and aspirations of some of my biggest Grade 6 fans, who read the entire book of Up In The Air in class with their teacher.

         The kids also made a ‘book’ for me, in which they jotted down their favourite part of Up In The Air and what they would do or like to be if they could get to Chimeroan

What struck me immediately was how much the cover, illustrated by Ethan Aldridge, captured the imagination of so many! 

One of the sentiments expressed was this: "The favourite part of the book is when Melody gets her wings".   

And this is how several of the kids represented it.

When I visited their class, I was very impressed at the depth at which these Grade 6's examined and delved into the story of Up In The Air.  I won't share their thoughts here as that would be considered 'spoilers'. But, again, I can share their art.

If you could go to Chimeroan, a place where dreams, your deepest desires, came true, what would you choose to be or have? 

           Here is what some of the kids said: To be a princess, a 'fairy of snow and ice', to be the Queen of Candy, a Pokemon trainer, a leprechaun, a dragon, a dragon slayer, to be Percy Jackson, to have wings and fly, to become rich, to make a movie...   

What would you wish for if nothing stood in your way? 


  1. Oh I just adore this post. It warms my heart to see authors and children connecting - the work of one author/artist inspiring another!