Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Romanticism of Vampires

     What is it about vampires that is so intriguing and, yes, even romantic?

     Adrienne Monson’s Defiance, the second book in ‘The Blood Inheritance Trilogy’ will be released on February 24th, and It’s all about vampires and immortals and love.  When Dissension, the first book in this trilogy was released, Adrienne explained her intrigue with vampires, and why she considers them the ultimate antihero (you can read it here).

    With the soon-to-be-released Defiance, I decided it was time to interview Adrienne. But first, here is a blurb about what her book is about.

Leisha and Samantha barely survived. Now, an explosive battle between the vampires and immortals seems imminent. It’s more important than ever before that the prophecy child is found, but there’s a problem—Leisha has lost her powers. She seems like nothing more than a human. Her newfound humanity is further complicated when Tafari, her old lover, appears with a desire for reconciliation. Can Leisha lock up the past to save those she loves, or will fate tear everything from her once again?

AMM:  Welcome Adrienne

AM: Thank you, Ann Marie. I am so happy to be here.

AMM: It's great to have you. So, tell me, what can we expect from the Defiance?

AM: A lot more interaction between the main characters. More romance, intrigue, and tension.

AMM: Romance and intrigue? Love it!!! Was it hard working on a sequel or did you have the plot figured out while you were working on Dissension.

AM: Defiance was difficult because I knew exactly where I wanted it to end, but wasn't sure how I was going to get there. Guess it's a good thing I work well as a discovery writer. :)

AMM: That's the position I find myself in now, Adrienne. It's wonderful to meet a like-minded author. I'm curious what is the most exciting and/or challenging thing about writing a series?
AM: The best part is that I already know these characters so well. It's not hard to write them as they encounter various situations. What's challenging is that my mind has come up with different stories that need to be told. I have to keep telling my brain, "Wait until I've finished with this one. Just a little while longer.!"

AMM: What propelled you to write this trilogy?

AM: What can I say? I've loved vampires since I was a kid. It was inevitable that this would be my first published work!

AMM: What's next for you? 

AM: Book 3, Deliverance, should come out in a year! That will be the be finale of this series.

AMM: That said, here's a bit about Adrienne!!

I have always had a voracious appetite for reading, which I inherited from my dad. I love most different kinds of fiction and will sometimes stay up all night to finish a well written book.
The genre I write is Paranormal. My first novel is Dissension, book one of the Blood Inheritance Trilogy. It will come out on February 23rd of 2013. In the meantime, I am finishing and polishing the rest of the trilogy. Once finished with that project, I'll be working on a demon novel.
I live in Utah with my husband and two kids, whom I love with all my heart. I love Zumba, kickboxing, and weightlifting. I also love yummy foods, so I don't look like a workout guru.

Where  you can find Adrienne:

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