Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Interview with Adrienne Monson, author of DELIVERANCE

Adrienne Monson joins me to discuss DELIVERANCE, the third book of her Blood Inheritance Trilogy.  And yes, this is a vampire novel, which I usually don't read, but I got so into the story that I had to know the end. This book is definitely not for kids as there is quite a lot of violence in it, but I’d recommended it for adult vampire lovers.

For three years, Leisha has worked hard to raise and keep Liam safe from the immortals' clutches. But when Leisha is taken, 20-year-old Samantha is faced with an enormous burden. The immortals and vampires are closer than ever, and she can't keep Liam safe while helping Leisha stay alive through their bond. Reluctantly, she turns to ex-boyfriend Nik for help, determined to keep her heart closed this time.In this epic finale to the Blood Inheritance Trilogy, the ultimate battle between vampires and immortals erupts as they discover Liam's purpose as the prophecy child. But does his destiny truly bring both races together, or is there something much darker at work?

AMM: What was it like working on this series?
AM: It was a roller coaster of ups and downs - but mostly good! It's fun to work on a series because it gives the author a chance to really fall in love with their characters.

AMM: Did you know the entire arc of the three books or did the ideas come to you as you worked on each book?
AM: I knew how the overall story would begin and end, but everything else was discovery writing with each book.

AMM: Can you offer any advice to writers working on series?
AM: now your characters better than they know themselves. If your characters are consistent in each book of your series, everything else will come together.

AMM: What’s next for you?
AM: I'm working on a new series that's dystopian. I'm super excited and just love these new characters. The first book should be out by next year.

AMM: If you could choose to be or do anything in this world, what would it be?
AM: I'd want to be a soul reader, where I could tell about a person's integrity or intentions with a 6th sense. (Hey, I feel another book idea coming on...)

Adrienne Monson is an award winning hybrid author who has been hailed by MSN as a "vampire expert". She has always had a voracious appetite for reading, which she inherited from her father. She enjoys all kinds of fiction and will sometimes stay up all night to finish a well-written book. While she is primarily known for her vampire novels in the Blood Inheritance Trilogy, she also writes historical romance, dystopian, and other genre mash-ups.


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