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Dare to Dream! Inspiring kids to follow the direction of their dreams

For Children 8 – 12, UP IN THE AIR encourages students to realize their potential by following their dreams and holding fast to them despite the pressures or obstacles put in their path.

UP IN THE AIR also provides many teaching opportunities. 

Students can: Write essays / Write poetry / Write new chapters to go with the book or create their own stories / Develop Art projects / Brainstorm the meaning of passages and how it relates to them.

As an example of this, here is an essay on UP IN THE AIR written by a Grade 5 student as her school project.  

I am available for school visits and presentations in person and via Skype.  (see rates below)

Topics I cover include:

-- How to write Effective Dialogue
-- The birth of Inspiration
-- Character Development
-- Plot Development

If there is a subject not mentioned here and which you would like me to discuss, please let me know.

Trailers are wonderful. They can tell you so much about a book (or movie). So you can imagine how I felt when I visited one school and found out that the class had produced six trailers on Up In the Air

Here are the links to two of them. 


This book brought up a lot of interesting discussions in my classroom. Students were very engaged and expressed an interest in having it turned into a movie! Christin Shmanka Grade 6 teacher, Alexmuir Jr. Public School, Toronto
My students loved discovering the deeper messages of the story, which is both imaginative and realistic at the same time - Suzanne Kapur, Grade 6 teacher, Lord Roberts Jr. Public School, Toronto

Up in the Air was a delight to read aloud to my grade 4 students, providing them with an insight into how to pursue your dreams and how to use those dreams to help with real life situationsMargaret Van Stekelenburg, Librarian, St. Joseph Catholic School, Toronto

“A must have” in your library and for any young person you know.  This book is a great story about empowerment and following your dreams.  What a wonderful way to learn by reading such an inspiring story.  I highly recommend itLisa Petr, The Zen of Why Happiness Life Coaching.

For more information or to book a visit, please email me at:  


Within a 50 mile radius of Toronto, Ontario:

Classroom visit (one 60 minute presentation) $250.00

School Visit (Two 60 minute presentations) $500.00

       Up to 150 miles outside of Toronto, Ontario:

Classroom visit (one 60 minute presentation) $450.00

School Visit (Two 60 minute presentations) $750.00

Further distances, please contact me for pricing

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